The grandeur of Alaska cannot be overstated. It is wilderness in its purest form, a land where nature's magnificence humbles even the most seasoned traveler.


Come explore the land of the midnight sun! This seven day trip includes visits to Alaska’s amazing highlights: Anchorage, Talkeetna, Seward, Kenai Fjords and Denali National Park. Students will bike, hike, and paddle in the never-ending daylight, gaining in depth knowledge about glaciers, indigenous people, and wildlife—from moose to grizzly bears! Alaska is also home to North America’s largest peak, Mount McKinley. This 20,320 foot, awe-inspiring mountain sits in the middle of Denali National Park where students will spend the day hiking. You’ll never forget your time spent in America’s last frontier!

Sample Itineraries


  • Depart major airport
  • Arrive in Anchorage, AK in late evening
  • Go directly to hotel



  • Hotel breakfast
  • Alaska Sea Life Center
  • Lunch
  • Kenai Fjords National Park
  • Depart for Anchorage
  • Check into hotel in Anchorage, AK


  • Hotel Breakfast
  • Depart for Palmer, AK
  • Palmer Visitor Center
  • Musk Ox farm
  • Lunch
  • Visit a local farm to learn about Alaska’s early
    colonist and farming in Alaska in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley area
  • Depart for Denali
  • Overnight in the Denali area


  • Breakfast
  • Enter Denali National Park
  • Denali Visitor Center
  • Lunch
  • Hikes and sites as time permits
  • Return to hotel


  • Breakfast
  • Depart for Talkeetna
  • Jet boat ride on the Susitna River
  • Lunch
  • Board the Alaska Railroad for your trip to Anchorage
  • Hotel in Anchorage


  • Hotel breakfast
  • City tour of Anchorage
  • Visit William Jack Hernandez Fish Hatchery
  • Lunch
  • Alaska Native Heritage Center
  • Dinner (time permitting)
  • Depart for Anchorage Airport
  • Depart for Home


Anchorage, AK 12 June 2024 47 °F
Thu 48 °F 52 °F
Fri 49 °F 51 °F
Sat 53 °F 60 °F
Sun 53 °F 63 °F
Denali National Park 12 June 2024 48 °F
Thu 46 °F 49 °F
Fri 47 °F 53 °F
Sat 51 °F 58 °F
Sun 53 °F 63 °F