Paul Lupini
Paul Lupini is a husband, father, teacher, environmentalist, emergency service professional, outdoor enthusiast, marine biologist, amateur geologist, and Star Wars “super fan”.

He graduated in 1987 with an undergraduate degree in marine biology. He then continued his education earning a masters in environmental science IN 1994. In his career he served as the Chief Environmental Chemist at a New Jersey State research laboratory for more than 9 years before transitioning to become an environmental consultant. In this capacity he conducted wetland and wildlife surveys and environmental risk assessments for many Superfund sites in the northeast. He did this work for more than 5 years before heading to Virginia and into his next adventure in the educational realm. This career switch launched Paul into his lifelong passion for teaching Science where he has spent the last 20 years fostering curiosity about the natural world through teaching and traveling with his students.

Paul has previously served in the NJ emergency services as a firefighter, hazmat technician, rescue diver, and swiftwater rescue team member and most importantly he has watched every Star Wars movie and series known to man!

During Paul’s free time he enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, SCUBA diving and playing with his Greyhound Hazel! He also enjoys spending time with his wife, three grown children and their significant others exploring nature and perhaps, secretly, searching for Bigfoot!

Paul has been a long term client of Grand Classroom and now looks forward to sharing his past educational, travel, guiding and environmental experiences with others as an account manager.