Enhanced Traveler Safety Measures:

● Travelers must fill out our online waiver regarding COVID-19
● Do not travel if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been
in contact with someone infected with COVID-19 in the 2 weeks prior to travel
● Wear a mask whenever indoors
● Wear a mask outside when social distancing is not possible
● Mask must be worn to cover nose and mouth 
● Allow time in your schedule for frequent hand washing and sanitizing
● Please bring your own supply of hand sanitizer and your own reusable cloth
● Please allow for flexibility in your tour schedule - government/vendor
regulations and restrictions are fluid and we will continue to abide by them for
your safety; your Account Manager will update you on any necessary
changes to your itinerary prior to travel

● If a participant gets sick on tour, we have contracted with a telemedicine
service to ensure that student or adult participants are evaluated quickly and
receive appropriate medical care if necessary
● All participants on tour are encouraged to follow best practices to minimize
the risks of falling ill including: frequent hand washing, wearing a mask,
avoiding contact with anyone who is ill, and carrying hand sanitizer.

Enhanced Vendor Safety Measures:
Airlines & Airports (if applicable)
● Increased and enhanced cleaning procedures for airport terminals and aircrafts
● Airport personnel and flight attendants will wear masks
● Travelers should wear masks in the terminal and on the plane
● Per CDC and TSA rules, all passengers must wear masks on motorcoaches
● Drivers will be wearing masks
● Passengers should wear masks while on the bus
● Please leave the first row behind the driver open
● Buses will undergo electro-static sanitizing every 15 days and will be cleaned
daily with disinfecting wipes
● As available, hand sanitizer will be provided
● Breakfasts will be boxed breakfasts to go - no breakfast buffets
● Hotels will plan to house groups on lower floors; groups will be encouraged to
take the stairs and avoid elevators
● Pools will be closed
● Enhanced cleaning procedures will be followed to sanitize between guests
● All meals will be pre-plated or boxed; many will be taken to-go and eaten
outside, on the bus, or at the hotel
● We will not use buffets

Enhanced Tour Guide Safety Measures:
● Tour guides must certify they have not had any COVID-19 symptoms or been in
contact with anyone infected with COVID-19 in the two weeks prior to travel
● Guides will be wearing masks
● Guide microphones will be sanitized daily and will only be available for the
guide to use
● Additional guides and staff will be provided to maintain social distancing as
● As available, guides will have hand sanitizer with them