Grand Classroom

Thanksgiving Break Trip FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

      Will my student have a private room or will he/she be sharing accommodations?

      Your student will be paired with another student in a double occupancy room and have their own bed. If you would like your student to have his or her own room there is an additional cost of $350.

        Are meals included?

        Yes! Your child will enjoy three healthy meals a day.

        Will there be adult supervision throughout the trip?

        Yes. Grand Classroom will provide guides that will stay with the group from the moment they land at the destination until they depart for home.

        How is the airfare calculated for the final price?

        When you register for the trip we will give you a quote for the airline nearest your child’s school. That amount will be added to your total price.

        Once registered, is trip cancelation insurance available?

        Yes. You can learn about our trip insurance policy by following this link: and look under the heading, “Full Refund Program.”

        Will there be teachers from my child’s school on the trip?

        No, the guides from Grand Classroom will lead the trip.

        Who else will be on the trip?

        Boarding and international students from across the United States and Canada.

        What will the transportation be?

        Depending on the group size, we will be touring on a chartered motor coach or 15 passenger vans.

        What is not included in the price?

        Transportation to and from your child’s departure at the airport and the Full Refund Program fee.