Gregg Wachtelhausen

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Gregg Wachtelhausen is a teacher, traveler, outdoorsman, and self-admitted “geo-nerd.” His background is in geosciences and in education, and has participated in numerous related field research experiences that span the globe from the deserts to the rainforests and the Arctic to Antarctic Circles. In addition to 15 years in the science classroom, Gregg has been a long-standing client of Grand Classroom since the company’s early days. He has taken part in developing many National Park itineraries from all sides of the Grand Classroom experience – as a teacher, a guide, and now as a full-time travel education consultant for other teachers looking to find their own adventures. Gregg’s background in experiential education and his deep appreciation for the value of travel in the lives of students make him one of the people who helped to put “Classroom” into our company name. He proudly represents Grand Classroom in New England and looks forward to working with our teacher partners and students in the region, helping to craft authentic and intentional adventures all around the world!