Eric Retterbush
Eric currently resides on planet Earth and doesn't plan on moving from here for a little while. Mostly because he has too much fun romping around and giggling in the many beautiful places Earth has to offer. Eric can be found tossing the frisbee disc in nearly every country and state he has visited. He tries to escape flagstaff, and the States, at least once a year only to fall in love with it all over again when he returns. He works with wood and paint to create colorful pieces of art inspired by the stories he finds himself in along the country highways of life. He has worked with children since he was one, often finding himself being inspired by the innocence and simplicity all over again. He will be found with ski's below in the winter, and a bike in the summer. Eric eats food every day, and tries to breath at least 12 times every minute. As long as this is still happening Eric will be enjoying life as it comes along.