John and Carleen discuss our Yellowstone trip:


Q: Tell me a little bit about the Yellowstone trip

A: Yellowstone was the first National Park, founded by Teddy Roosevelt. It is a fascinating place with a lot of wildlife, unique geothermal features. If you haven’t been to Yellowstone, you will be shocked that something so amazing exists. 

Q: I have never been to Yellowstone. Tell me one thing that will make my jaw drop.

A: The thing everyone talks about is Old Faithful. It is more impressive in person than any picture or video. It erupts 100 feet in the air every hour on the hour. Equally impressive is the Grand Prismatic pool. You have probably seen pictures of this multicolored pool from above. The reason for the many colors is the varying temperatures of the water. These, as well as many other geothermal features in the park, are heated by lava under the park. 

Q: Tell me about this volcano. When did it last erupt? Is it going to erupt?

A: It is actually a super volcano that last erupted 650,000 years ago. The time before that was 500,00 years ago, and the time before that was about 700,000 years ago, so people think we might be due for an eruption. 

Q: It sounds like this is a great place for science teachers to take students.

A: It is a great place for any science teacher to take students. Earth Science, Geology or anything to do with geothermal activity, but it is also an amazing place for wildlife. There are hundreds of species of mammals in the park. 

Q: I’ve always been really interested in going there just for the wildlife, what is the most impressive animal?

A: The bison are amazing! They are as big as a truck and there are a LOT of them. You could see about a hundred on your adventure. 

Q: Why is it a great time to visit a National Park like Yellowstone?

A: Yellowstone is vast, there is so much open air and it is easy to social distance. It is an experience you’re never going to forget. 

Q: What else do you do on the trip?

A: We also go to the Grand Tetons. The Tetons are a completely different kind of mountain range that are not like anything you have ever seen. We hike up to the top and have an amazing view from the top. We also go down and have a whitewater rafting experience in the Snake River. 


Q: It sounds like this is an amazing adventure for anyone that takes it.


A: If you take this trip, you will come away from it with an experience you will never forget!