It has been a long and difficult spring for all of us. Are you ready to get back outside?
We are! Like you, we’ve done what was necessary to keep ourselves and our community safe, but we’re not truly happy until we can get back on the road and share all that America has to offer.
Of course, it’s not just a matter of flipping a switch, and we’re committed to reengaging in a safe and responsible manner. As such, here are some of the ways we’re changing and growing to be ready for the resumption of travel.
     - In light of what health experts are learning on a daily basis, we’re revamping our health and safety protocols, with a focus on prevention, rapid response, and smooth and thorough communications. 
     - Any protocol is only as good as the person implementing it, and we’re taking time to make sure all staff are fully trained and equipped to safely lead and support tours. You will be in good hands with your Grand Classroom guide.
     - We’re working closely with our industry partners to make sure that every coach you board, every hotel room you sleep in, and every restaurant you eat at takes hygiene and safety as we do.
     - Finally, none of us can predict the future, so we’ve enhanced our cancellation policy so that YOU choose the level of commitment you feel comfortable with. 

No two Grand Classroom tours are the same, so we have to remain flexible to provide the right response to the right situation, but no matter where you’re going, you can rest assured we’ve taken your safety into the highest consideration.