Science? Understanding the world around you is definitely important. History? Analyzing the past is the one true way we don’t repeat it. Literature? Developing our own language and understanding is crucial for educating. All of these are wildly important and yet, many people will skim over one of humanity's favorite pastimes: art.

For thousands of years humans have been creating art. It is crucial to our development of self and community. If you don’t believe me then just take a look at the Sulawesi Cave Art. Humans around 37,000 BC made their mark, as a community, on a cave wall. It’s always been in our basic-instincts to create, to leave a mark, especially through art.

To further develop your students' relationship with art is to further develop their sense of identity. It touches on the history of humanity, which is undoubtedly linked to both science and literature.

This column will be focused on where you can potentially take your students to see art on your trips. After all, art is everywhere you look as well as everywhere you go. Grand Classroom is dedicated to offering you and your students the best possible trip, so why not incorporate a couple art museums and galleries to make your trip a well-rounded educational journey? We’d be more than happy to show your students the world from an artist’s eyes.

Each article posted on this continuing column will highlight galleries in certain cities, so you have the best information with the least amount of effort. We, here at Grand Classroom, know how valuable a teacher’s time is and we want to make sure you get the most out of it.

Megan T - February 2020