Students in Alaska

Don’t let the cold temperatures frighten you; winter and early spring can be a wonderful time to travel on a school field trip. School groups tend to travel mostly in the spring and summer, but there’s much to be said about touring during the winter months and the off-peak season of December through March. Here are five great reasons to get out during the cold months.

  1. Fewer crowds– While this is stating the obvious, traveling during the off seasons means less tourists and less hassle. Museums, hotels and popular activities that may be difficult to schedule during the spring have more availability. The often-crowded tourist sights are open, which allows your group space to tour for a more memorable and personal experience.

  2. Lower prices– Thinking about an international trip, but scared of the price tag? Plan to travel during January through early March! This is when flights and hotel accommodations are discounted and even travel to Europe is less expensive. Depending on your destination, the weather can be mild, meaning you might not even have to pack your big winter coat! Travel during off-peak season offers many benefits.

  3. Enjoy the snow show– Snow is not a luxury that all students enjoy. Maybe your home state never gets to wake to a snow-covered morning and make a snowman; this is your chance! We have groups traveling in January to Montreal and Quebec to enjoy all that winter has to offer. Students will experience dog sledding, snow tubing, hiking to beautiful frozen waterfalls, and the sweet delights of an old fashion sugar shack. Whatever your outdoor adventure, we can customize a trip to fit your student group!

  4. Beat the winter blues– Who doesn’t get a little antsy by the end of January? The holidays have come and gone and cabin fever has set in. The University of Michigan cognitive studies found that “walking in a park in any season, or even viewing pictures of nature, can help improve memory and attention.” Get your students outdoors and go somewhere warm! Give them some excitement during the humdrum months of winter. They will return revitalized and have the trip of a lifetime.

  5. Less Scheduling Conflicts– Traveling during the spring break or summer also means you are competing with family vacations, sport commitments, tournaments, and camps. Traveling during the winter months seldom conflicts with family, sports or other obligations.

But, Doesn’t Winter Travel Mean Cancelled Flights? Unfortunately, no one can control the weather. As always, there is a chance of flight delays. Don’t worry, we are here to help and get you on your way.

What Do I Do If My Flight is Cancelled? The first thing to do is remain calm and call our emergency 24-hour number. Our air department is probably already aware of the situation, and we are making arrangements on our end. We need you to stay at the airport and work with the airline gate agent. We will be with you every step of the way, but the gate agents are the only people who can rebook the flight in this scenario. When a flight is delayed or cancelled due to weather, the airline will not provide accommodations. Don’t worry, we will take care of you. We will arrange for a hotel, if necessary, and transportation. We will cover any extra airport meal expenses. Simply save your receipts, and we will reimburse you as soon as possible. If you leave the airport, we will arrange for meals or order pizza at the hotel. Most importantly, we will work with you and the airline to get you home quickly and safely.

DeAnna R. – Jan 2020