Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano erupted over the weekend. The small island country known for it's unique geologic features just added another unique episode to its repertoire. 

Here's a link to a webcam where you can watch the lava flow in real time!

Fagradalsfjall Eruption

We'll get you excited about this tropical paradise!

Here's a synopsis of their interview:

Q. Can you give us a quick summary of the trip?

A. This trip has been carefully designed to see a bit of everything. From cloud forest to rain forest, white water rafting, zip lining over dense ecosystems, nature walks and service projects… learning from locals, helping to cook a traditional Costa Rican meal, being able to see toucans, iguanas, monkeys and sloth in the wild…. What else can top all this?

Every trip is different, and we are more than happy to customize it if needed, but one way or the other, there’s always something new out there waiting for us… Some groups begin their experience up in the mountains of Monteverde, then travel to La Fortuna, where Arenal Volcano can be seen from everywhere, and finally a white water trip down in the rain forest… it could happen the other way around, but no matter how the trip runs it’s going to be always fun,full of adventures and real life experiences.

Q, What are some of the favorite moments - from the kids' perspective - from the teachers' perspective?

JT and Carleen talk Grand Canyon:

Here's a rundown:

Q: When Grand Classroom started in 2002, the Grand Canyon was the first trip… tell me about that.

A: I’ve always loved the outdoors. I have done a lot of traveling and found my heart was in the west. The Grand Canyon being the marvel that it is, I wanted to get kids off the pavement and outside. 

Q: Now that we are here in 2020, everyone is talking about getting outside. What a wonderful place to go and bring students.

John and Carleen discuss our Yellowstone trip:


Q: Tell me a little bit about the Yellowstone trip

A: Yellowstone was the first National Park, founded by Teddy Roosevelt. It is a fascinating place with a lot of wildlife, unique geothermal features. If you haven’t been to Yellowstone, you will be shocked that something so amazing exists. 

Q: I have never been to Yellowstone. Tell me one thing that will make my jaw drop.

Ardis and Kerianne talk about our fantastic Iceland trip! 

Can you give me a quick summary of the trip?

Most Grand Classroom trips last 6-7 days 5-6 nights on the island and we travel some 900 - 1100 miles. Some days can be long, leaving a hotel at 8:00 am and arriving back at 6:00 PM having dinner at 7:00 PM. We travel mostly in the South West part of the island surrounded by all kinds of natural forces like, the volcanoes, the ocean, the glaciers, the water streams, rivers and lakes, the weather to name the strongest ones. Iceland has two locations on Unesco´s World Heritage List. We most often visit both: Þingvellir and the National Park Waterglacier (Vatnajökulsþjóðgarð).

Dr. Laura and Eric discuss what makes our Alaska trip such a unique experience. 


Q. Alaska is so vast - there are so many national parks and areas to explore - what parks and places does a Grand Classroom Alaska tour typically visit?
A. Our tours start and end in Anchorage with time to explore the museums and hike or bike the coastal trail to look for wildlife. We then head down to the fishing village of Seward - along the way we visit the Alaska Wildlife Center and do a cool train ride/rafting combo trip that takes you along Spencer Glacier. In Seward we spend time at Kenai Fjords National Park - we go for a kayak and also have the opportunity to hike on Exit Glacier. For the grand finale we head up to Denali, usually with stops at a dog sledding place and a gold mining spot. At Denali, you can take a guided bus ride into the park and/or hike at a variety of spots including the Savage River, Horseshoe Lake, and Mount Healy.