Student Leadership Adventure - Peru FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

      What is the Student Leadership Adventure?

      Grand Classroom’s Student Leadership Adventure Peru is the unique opportunity for select high school students from across the world to collaborate as part of our Advanced Leadership Team to demonstrate their leadership and independent travel skills, while partaking in college preparatory exercises. Students will decide, plan, and execute their final week’s program itinerary to incorporate more global citizenship and service learning components, hike more of the wondrous ruins of Machu Picchu, explore the great Amazon river or come up with an entirely new activity. Students will come away from the three-week intensive college-prep course with a completed college essay, documentation of their program in the form of a video and photography portfolio, greater comprehension and fluency of the Spanish language, a wonderful college- resume builder and a certified letter of recommendation. Students will most importantly return from Peru with new friendships and the realization that their potential is unlimited and that they are capable of so much more.

        Who is eligible for the SLA?

        We welcome all dedicated and motivated students, from rising ninth graders to recently graduated 12th graders, looking to further leadership skills and college preparatory education and experience.

        How do I sign up?

        We are inviting individual students to register for the program. There are two dates that you can choose from. The trip will run June 24-July 12 OR July 15-August 2, 2017. Simply go to We are only taking 15 students per team, so space is limited! If you are a teacher, looking to take a group of students, we can customize the dates to work with your schedule.

        Are meals included?

        Yes! Your child will enjoy three healthy meals a day. One of the best parts of traveling in Peru is the amazing food! The team will mostly be eating meals in restaurants, but also may choose to check out the local markets for new and interesting fruits and vegetables. Some common Andean dishes include: Lomo Saltado (beef, veggies and rice); Papa Rellena (stuffed cheesy potatoes with beef and egg), and Cuy (guinea pig) Lunch is the biggest meal of the day in Peru so expect bigger portions for this meal. Packaged snacks can be purchased everywhere in the country from tiendas (small shops). Care should be taken when choosing food as stomach issues can quickly arise. Food allergens can generally be easily accommodated.

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